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Green, Ives, Parker, Shirley, Bunt, Strickland, Nash, Shackelford, Jarvis, Porter, Williford, Shelton, Wood, Holden, Malone, Walls, and many more...

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Site Dedication...
As most of you know, this site was made possible through the efforts of our research team. We lovingly acknowledge and respect their efforts, and the site will continue to be dedicated to their memory.

They are: Hazel (Green)(Ives)(Cox), Charlene (Ives) Nelson, and Doyle J. Green, Jr.

Our current chief researcher is Ron Janke, who will be submitting material from his research records, and narrating the information in his wonderful writing style.

First of all, this site is intended as information for our family and our collateral lines, and we do welcome comments, suggestions and shared information from our visitors. Some of our family members have been contributing content, including pictures, stories, corrections, questions, queries, and comments since we started the site in October, 2003. We are always pleased to hear from you, and wholeheartedly welcome your feedback and contributions. 'We' are Ron Janke, and Jerry D. Green.

Note: We are still looking for someone who might be interested in takng over the editorial chores of this site. I will, due to advancing age and health problems, (Macular Degeneration) soon have to give up the editorial work that I have enjoyed for many years. If you know of anyone, or have the knowledge in HTML programming, and want to take over the editorial work pleas let us know.

Family members are welcome to send their link information if they have a website, and we will include it on our Links Page. Check out what the family is up to...
From Duana Green:
Family Christmas 2013
Here is an original poem By Jerry Green

Maxine's Favorite Family Recipes

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Last Update July 9, 2016
Site Content Includes
New entries for the site, and information regarding our Family Directory, and other items, hopefully interesting to our visitors.

Entries are still 'light' for the Family Directory, and if you would like your family members to have that information, just go to the handy form on the Family Directory

We also include Family Directories for some of our collateral lines, and will add more if our visitors request the addition. Some of the collateral lines' directories only have a couple of entries. We would like to request, however, that when entries are submitted, look at the other entries and try to include enough information to let folks know how you fit into the Green, Greene, or collateral lines. Have a look at the site and let us know how we may improve it, and send us items you wish to be included for identification of ancestors, descendants, or those who you think may be related or pertinent.

We are in the process of re-writing some of the pages on the site, and would love to enlist the aid of our family and visitors to help us spot the inevitable errors and typos that sneak in... Please shoot me an email when you spot one... Webmaster
Ron is the research specialist for the site, and he is doing a fine job, in keeping interesting information coming for us... His efforts are greatly appreciated.
We still have lots of room for more info and contributions such as pictures, etc. When sending photos, if possible, please include names and lineage where available... 'twould help. Also, the photos need to be in JPEG format.
Watch for information on the annual Malone Family Reunion on the Malone Family Site .
We have moved the "Jerry's Soapbox" feature to our other website, and invite you to check it out. The other site is jga-links.net All the soapbox files are there and you can send us your items you would like to get off your chest and on the web. We also feature information for the DIY folks, and welcome your submissions and ideas of that nature... We also will need someone to continue the Soapbox editorial work.
The dedication of this website is extended to include with Love:

Maxine (Malone) Green

2/15/1933 - 1/11/2016
Family Information

We wish to note the passing of a beloved nephew, David Malone, Son of the late John J. Malone and Idella (Armstrong) Malone of Joshua, Texas. David will be sorely missed by all. David was preceded in death by older brother Robert, and his father. He is survived by his mother, three sons, Franky, Derek, and Brian, three brothers, Melvin, Ben, and Len, and three sisters, JoAnn, Patty, and Molly.
We wish to thank those who attended the Memorial Service for Maxine.
We are looking forward to a visit from Stephen C. Green, our grandson who resides in California. He is the only son of the late Stephen D. Green, our son who passed away in 2001. His visit is scheduled to start July 13. We may get in some pickin' and grinnin'.
Also, a big Thank You to daughter Duana for the editorial assistance.
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If you have inspirational sites to which you would like a link on this site, our visitors and family members would enjoy your sharing and thoughtfulness, and others may be motivated to send their favorite links.

I'd like to share this quote with you:
"The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover
the core of strength within you that survives all hurt."
Max Lerner

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for visiting. Jerry.

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